Incidents In Our Paths

“Buddy can you spare a dime?” – with steady voice –
His need so plain to see in clothes of course
But dignity of self showed through his being
As if he larger place in life was seeing.

“With kids and family we’re just so hungry
I don’t know where to turn to feed my family
A tide-me-over loan will save my bacon
Please leave us not behind as now forsaken.”

“My family’s broken up she left this morning
I’m taken quite off-guard, I had no warning
She took the bank account we’d saved together
I know not how I’ll ride this stormy weather.”

“She seemed so needy when she came to see me
That I could hardly spurn her plea for mercy
Repeatedly I helped her over hurdles
Then thousand flushed away with sound of gurgles.”

The problem’s ‘life’ that overwhelms the spirit
And pushes hope away ’till we can’t hear it
To help another out has inner merit
And we can help not harm if now we dare it.

The key is finding money’s inner meaning
Then orchestrating actions clearly seeing
How situations here and now relating
To money’s role beyond our give and taking.

It’s “Mana” we attach when goods creating
And “Mana” we desire from other’s making
The “Mana-holding” money smoothes transactions
So we can trade with better satisfaction.

So help him fix some “Mana” to an object
Or in some service how to firmly lodge it
And then find ones his “Mana” greatly needing
Exchange the “Mana’s” value – thus succeeding.

We often help some folks to get through trouble
But first we need to ask if it’s just rubble;
Or if it’s deeper – “Mana” not connecting –
Perhaps it’s why our lives are intersecting.