Genetic Train

Nocturnal raid so long ago
Forced marched as prisoner, lagging, so
By trail left as scalped near dead –
Survived – she later family bred.

They called her up – ‘Titanic’s gone
Still wish to sail, or later on?’
She smiled and said, ‘I’ll sail with you
No doubt they’ll be more careful nu.’

Flat foot—rejected from the force
Two sign-up buddies went of course
Faced gas in trenches side by side
His head blown off, the second died.

A chance to study ’cross the sea
Midst chaos of that war thought he
‘No good, I’ll stay though ticket own’ –
Ship Lusitania went down.

For me close calls as learning flight
Then Carol’s plane force-lands at night
Though young, we somehow made it through
So both survived, raised family too.

Six billion of us made it through
The scourge of wars and sickness too
Though many died before they bred
A few survived and lives they’ve led.

One million sperm, when race is on,
On sperm, one egg, when race is done
What ever else we then must face
Six billion of us won our race.

Our first-born came to grandpa’s steps
A picture; turned, this man to fetch;
Contented look on grandpa’s face –
Next layer on the human race.

This night, ’round me in stillness lies
My test results still a surprise
Three cycles more throughout this year
Now part of life for answers clear.

Each station some get off the train
At birth, and it moves on again
As Pioneers with future bright
Our life’s here now, lets do it right.