I am going to fly again now, and Idon't mean metaphor,
As I get back in the cockpit once again
Take the stick, and start the motor, feel the lift, and hear the roar –
Life renewed for me can never be the same.

After months of semi-vision in my left eye all the time
And the loss of depth-perception by the by
I’m so glad to get my vision back with future that is mine
I am going to fly an aircraft in the sky.

When I learned to fly the first time there was much I did not know
Two-way radio was foreign to my ear
Navigation was quite primitive “I Follow Railway”, so
And mechanics of the motor far from clear.

But I was up north with radios – bush flying quite a lot
Then I helped a friend to make a teaching tool.
There’s much better information on the net and can be bought
And new instruments enough to make one drool.

I am tired of playing safe and affect stripping on the ground
I’ve a craving to return again to air
There’s a lure for me in flying like the North that can’t be found
In the southern creature-comforts found down here.

It will take a while and cost a lot I’m sure but this I see:
Life is short I’ve found, and turns upon a dime
There’s a zest in living rising from way deep inside of me
So I'm going to make the most of this new time.