Isaiah : Second Edit of Readers’ Theater

“Who is ‘The Servant of The Lord’” she asked,
“As understood at first, in times gone past?”
The explanation cut to save some time,
Should I restore, then cut some other line?

It’s mystery with intent, as seen today,
Encompassing all time to leave a way
For us to place ourselves within its scope
Thus raise for our communities new hope.

Though we can walk when others do not tread
This road of servant-hood, and blood be shed,
There’s scope within Isaiah’s image broad
For whole communities to serve their God.

When one or many suffer excess pain,
Or inconvenience great, but not for gain,
But bringing rather life and love our way
We often rise to greater heights each day.

The best in life so quickly slips from view
In tragedy or ease for me and you.
The impact of such servants of the best –
Restore and center drifted hearts to zest.

God’s faithful love in forest burnt is seen
When from the stump appears a shoot of green
As chaos, trouble, conflict or despair,
Confounds all life – through people, God is there.

"Love others as I loved each one of you –
Not with the love that’s poured to me from you –
I ‘loved unlovely’ – you ‘appreciate’
Turn that around and help out those you hate."

Thus be the green shoot in their scorched-out ground
Give God some room to operate this round.
So who’s the suffering servant once again?
Ah, you – that mix of ‘mystery, love and pain’.