I sCream For What?

Cash rules everything about me
“Realistic is what I should be”
“Enter the workforce and live by the rules”
Any who do that are really the fools –
“Me” is the bottom line – learned that in school.

Cash rules everything about me –
Revealed out in the economy
Everyone a price that we faintly can see
All of these people jump high at decree
Many deny it though few go round free.

Christ rules everything about me –
Resolved to be that and serene
Easier to say than to do it by far
All I can give – a few coins in a jar
Must be a piece I am missing, by Gar.

Christ rules everything about me–
Retold by some folks from the sea
Everyone on earth is one family by birth
All of resource is for others of course
Me in the middle, as a pass-through resource.

Coda one says what starts out inside me
Really not, but in two’s world I see
Everyone walks round in a bondage
Although many are trapped as in three
More in four freed – when a conduit be.