I’d flopped down in a chair one day as child
To talk with dad – teen challenges so wild
Then heard his softening question open up
He, book aside, sat back, and coffee supped.

I don’t recall the issue of the day
Nor what his words to quiet in the fray
His opening question – that’s what stuck the most
It best describes my life-agenda’s roast.

“So which the greatest challenge of today –
Things sexual, celestial, or pay?”
I asked him how he knew my mind so well
He said, "because as man it defines hell –

Survival is a factor so the work
Must be selected well so we not smirk
But bring our bacon home content inside
Of job well-done despite how rough the ride;

We do not walk our span of life alone
So choose some friends around us and at home
We get a few to start then choose the rest
Who’s good for us – to others second best;

Where we fit in the universe expanse
Informs response to life each given chance
The values from our culture, home, and school,
Need tweaking-up adjustments as a rule."

I watched construction workers in a dream
A building of its contents strip down clean
Then quarter-turn adjust foundation site
Their work connecting water heat and light.

Third-culture kids when twisted off their base
Lack home-connected power in human race.
But stripped and turned – connected up with life
‘God, sex, and job’ empower in the strife.

Throughout our life, ‘God, sex, and job’ are drain
If cut from culture’s home our lives remain
Our focus stays on hooking up the pipes
Instead of facing life empowered with might.

But when connected through our cultural base
We find life works for us and take our place
We’re fed by power from family work and God
Released at last, with joy, our path to trod.