The Cobra And The Mongoose

It went from stool to teepee small
When dream came to the point
As corporate institution's myth
Is sadly out of joint.

I pushed and prodded round her thought
Its edge and shape to see
The vision seen was cut right back
From mountain to a tree.

It still was bigger than our views
But suffering from a hit
Discernment loss had paid the cost
First-payment – “getting sick”.

The second payment – “weaker still”,
Which pay she may as well
But this and final payment – “death”,
She’ll skirt when “body’s swell”

The problem is the allergy
God put within us all
To slow us down and let us think
Before the fatal stall.

Perceiver needs the Funder’s cash
The Giver needs the sight
They dance around each other so
The other cannot strike.

It’s “touch to give”, not “touch to take”
To do the golden rule
To “take what should be given us”
Sets us to be the fool –

For then “we get what we most want”
But not “what we most need”,
And though forbidden fruit tastes good
The future’s in the seed.

The business world puts stock in trust
Then shuts out when it’s lost
And “bless to make the other thrive”
Is viewed “too high a cost”.

So “loving God and trusting man”
Is seen the way to go
But “trusting God and loving man”
Bless with unstopping flow.

For hits can come from anywhere
Just when we lest expect
But visions large don’t take the charge
When His flow we accept.

The Psalmist speaks of enemies’
Attack with force and sin
He stepped aside and let them deal
With God’s “hot desert wind”.

Resource we’re given – both cash and sight
To live our lives alone
Much better when those gifts we blend
With flow from heavenly home.