Our Capacity To Love

Sometimes in love when we reach out
Expressing all that we’re about
Our personal capacity
Exceeds their receptivity.

It happens often with a child
Straight-armed rejection strong or mild
Makes patient hope for long-term win
Of mutuality quite thin.

Some parents who, with all their faults
As they grow older as adults
Can’t open up at end of days
To love expressed in children’s ways.

Our friends may shift from time to time,
To signs of love so often blind.
Such gestures then are misconstrued –
Responses made then often rude.

At work place boss and staff or peers
Respond to open hearts with jeers;
No matter what we do or say
They cannot hear tough-love today.

In institutions as a whole
When vigilante groups made bold
By power seized while others sleep
Make others loving-hearts to weep.

 Our countries then are not immune –
For some, they say, there is not room
So into exile they are sent
Regardless of the love that’s meant.

But why or love they cannot bear
At every level, everywhere?
Like pouring water in a cup
It overflows once it’s filled up.

But if that cup goes on it’s side
The problem then is hard to hide –
A plugged-up pipe is seen to be
That’s stopping flow of love from me.

When block can somehow be set free
So love can flow from me through thee –
When cups around you get filled up,
Change them as well to pipes from cups.