Not all things end in death – some never were
     Nor will they ever be – and that’s not bad
          But sweet release for me.

I cannot say I do not buck the trend
     Of acquisition first, then loss towards the end.
          For all my life I’ve sought and gained
              And stored – and just as fast released
                   It to you, Lord.

So, where from here, O Lord, I silent ask
And what for me do you lay out as task
Some pieces rise, as others fall away
Not all at once, but with each passing day.

I see the kingdom finance aspects rise
To implement here as up in skies
Short-field, stayed low – I held it towards the trees
So speed-to-lift convert I can with ease.

But when to let the stick come back in full
And break away from ground-effect’s strong pull
I’ve always found this timing hard to know –
Not sinking back but on my way to go.

I hear my mentor’s forceful guiding pleas
To keep us low and heading for the trees
Thus fly my plane not let it fly for me
With judgment trained – applied, the plane’s set free.

“Sometimes it’s good to be just in the skies
Like when attackers make good their surprise
Or when events emerge quite suddenly
And call for folks to be plucked from the sea.

“So scramble, Stu, just get up off the deck
The task assigned has not emerged quite yet
Not every craft needs project, goal, or task
To justify its actions – there or back.

“Sometimes there’s need for floaters, subs, and spares
To lend a hand, and back-up anywhere
They’re called reserves and vanguards, traveling light
To bring the victory quick or end the fight.

“The oil patch has its expediter trucks
That whisk away for parts out in the muck
The basemen get assisted by short-stop
Policemen cruise through districts which are hot.

“So scorn the base, the shop, the rig, the beat,
The school room, ward, ship, Church, or bosses’ seat
I’ve trained you up – you’re fitted for the skies
Each time you fly – adventure or surprise.

“Way back in class you loved the give and take
Of interactive play for drama’s sake
Threw pretend balls or ‘cooked a batch of scones’
When music changed, left game and moved along.

“It’s like that now – some interactive plays –
You’re trained, aware, responsive in your ways
I want you ’round as situations rise
Alert, equipped – and up there in the skies.”

Lord, at the first you asked about that home
Desired by me with picket fence and stone
With country church in fields or forest by
‘If all were gone, would I work without sigh?’

I see that now your plan was from the first
A work of art if I would drop mine first.
I said ‘OK’ and you got to your work
With stony path, base rock, and weeds, in earth.

You gave me ways and techniques that I use –
My photo skills; and tools I make or choose;
Ditch-pushing process; info-chase to see;
Help groups to animate community.

You made me ‘me’ – with curiosity;
A harvest grown by scattering some seed;
Empower; with gifts and some well-fit resource;
Do ‘this and that’ for Works of Power, of course.

So in my ‘plane’ five tasks you do through me –
Make tools for leaders; better process see;
Hold leaders arms up in the in the stiff mêlée;
Search out their snags; release to Jubilee.