Crossing Cultural Lines (And Third Culture Kids)

As I review these poems of recent strife
In light of future life – mine and my wife,
And whether I should preach a word as asked,
I gain a new perspective here at last.

One third of ninety poems speak to this.
One half of those got stricken from the list.
Insights of all but three are under load –
Should I consider these as to my road?

All three show change for me in early stage
Though each has long awaited on the page.
One was delayed by pressure form my kin;
A second needed research gathered in.

It was the third that looked me in the eye
I saw repeat aversions – wondered why
But then I saw that problematic theme
And what a tricky item it has been.

An immigrant acquaintance said to me,
“Two problems rise when we go ’cross the sea:
Relationships with others go adrift;
Sea separates our God – He’s left in mist.

“If that’s the case we need to fix things up
Restore our links with God, and with him sup,
And then explore the impact on our life
Lest rent relationships compound our strife.”

Our closest friendship is expressed with sex.
Derailed, it piles up trouble to our necks.
I wonder if the problem’s not “the sea”
But “culture crossing” as by you and me.

It may not from ourselves first find its start
(Both drift from God, and inter-sexual part),
It may emerge from others’ altered muss
As they engage our lives and make a fuss.

Of course this continent of ours has made
We immigrants of every stripe and shade
A soup of all who once have crossed the seas
And many also cultures’ boundaries.

I think it is small wonder – can’t you see?
That issues two in this society
Are sex without relationship at the base;
And life devoid of Spirit in life’s race.

As in our country TCK's abound
Then key to these two issues may be found
In re-connecting culture – people’s base
So sex and God can find their proper place.

Alright, I think I’ll speak at Church a word,
Perhaps the part of culture can be heard
If folks can get connected to their roots
Perhaps they’ll walk their faith out with their boots.