Recovering Awe

She said, ‘When God spoke forth those words
     So early in our time, did his lips move – or
          More, like mother’s breast, express himself
               With wondrous physicality we now
                     Can feel and taste and see – it all
                          A word or thought from that
                               Eternal mind which started
                                    All in attitude of kind?’

My lenses show me wide and far and close
     Through separate vistas of a world sublime –
          With digits now set free to capture
               Endlessly the great expansiveness of
                    That celestial instigating mind.

One pane of frost, of all the windows in the house
     And all the houses on our block – and
          So on to the world – I see a world
               So large I cannot gasp the fullness
                    Of the beauty held ephemeral in
                         Those crystals till the strengthening sun of spring
                               Will turn that world to tiny drops of spray.

I turn to dirt and hear his voice exclaim as glass
     Increased his view, ‘have dirt you ever seen?!’
          Have dirt I ever seen? Why yes, far more than
               ’Ere I wanted, but, ‘lets take a look, show
                      Me what you have now just seen – so
                           We can walk together into
                                 Beauty and a world expressed
                                      To us in kindness long ago.