ATCK (Adult Third Culture Kid)

She walked amongst the hawkers peddling options by the score
Feeling dazed within and overwhelmed without
It took her back to Cairo as a child, this screaming ‘more’
Which erupted from within above their shouts.

She hardly read their banners as she floated through the halls
Met their eyes, nor stopped to talk about their wares,
The feelings pumping through her veins transcended all their calls,
Thoughts of home, her obligations, even cares.

The wonder-lust, like pixy-dust just swirled around her heart
Toxic nectar – labeled ‘Father, Spirit, Son’
Like captain lured with ship upon the rocks by siren smart
She felt drawn but knew the battle need’st be won.

As kid she’d heard a song requesting help to beat the foe
By a guy who felt the lure of tempter’s power.
Recalled her dad suggesting that such men should pack and go
That relief would come, with leaving, in the hour.

But Satan’s ‘dressed in blue-jeans’ – sacrosanct the wares they sell
And the drive that swells within her feels like God
She turns another corner, drinks it in, it soothes so well
One thing left – her father had not spared the rod.

She reached the breaking point – the struggle raged within her soul
Present scent allured far stronger than her home.
The current rip-tide sucked towards articulated goal
Overwhelming stagnant thoughts with lure to roam.

Her eye rose up to ‘EXIT’ bright, she bolted through the door
Felt the cold air penetrate right through her blouse.
Above the stars sang out God’s love, assuring options more –
She drew frigid breath – recalled her warmth of house.

She kept on walking to her car not daring to look back
As the siren’s call subsided in her heart.
The incident brought closure to those years upon the rack
Opened up a walk with God with better start.