Crossing Cultural Time

Three pillars strong all cultures take
When trying to communicate
But most insist we just use two
And soften with the third.

Clear, honest, and direct would be
An ideal form of talk for me
Two aspects firm still do confirm
A message clear to me.

Direct to us the Cree folks say
Their peace in honest light of day
Hard edge removed of clarity
With story’s softening spell.

Lakota don’t prognosticate
Or story use their case to make
Clear, honest truths communicate
But softened through an-other.

The English clear, direct speech choose,
No messenger or story use
A way to get or point to make
They soften with untruth.

As Creenglish, lies sat ill for me
I found they wrecked community
But clear direct truth once I say
Burns folks with chastening power.

Then I found I could mediate
The truth through story poem and song
And with a photo clearly feed
Not fishes but the pond.

So truths of life get slipped right by
The listener’s ever watchful eye
How silently such gifts are given
Much softened now with time.