Shop Floor Transformation -- The Woman From India

Four tiny bars of gold she wore I didn’t see at first,
When asked, she said, ‘reminding me to hunger and to thirst’.
I pressed and she replied they’re for some folks I’m caring for
They wandered lost out in the cold and couldn’t find the door.

She spoke of systems’ mighty work throughout our modern land
And how we queue up when in need to get a helping hand.
No favorites, bribes or buckshee here to gain a better place
For all of equal standing are, just like your 'heavenly grace'.

“Then why the pins inside your gown that show as flecks of gold,
If systems all look after us, from youth till we grow old?”
“Because inside our systems fair, are folks like you and me
And in between us always space as you can plainly see.

“Where space exists there’s room to fall unnoticed, helped, or served,
So some of us stretch arms to catch the falling unobserved.
We take them in and listen close to stories they each share
Then do a simple demo showing how we’re going to care –

“I send her to a shelf that sits across my office floor
To fetch two golden safety pins, then lead her out the door
When we have gained attention from the workers on our line
The mike I take and clearly state, “This person, she is mine”

I put a pin inside my gown right there for all to see
And bid the person copy this – a pin for her and me.
I pledge to see her fully through this mess with all my power
A cheer from staff then rises up to celebrate this hour.

For me the pin chafes on my skin a golden fleck of heaven
For her it’s like a tiny key with access quickly given.
It’s hard to carry more than five, but rarely that’s been needed
As fast I can we take them out, a demo we've succeeded.”