What to do with this new freedom
Life just dumped here in my lap?
Instead of shutting down my future
I’m now turning on the tap.

Made a list of just one hundred
Things I’d like to do pre death
I figure sixty years would take me
To fulfill this second breath.

Now I look my old list over
As there’s time to add back more
I’m changed now this ordeal’s over –
Wonder what life holds in store.

I could go pick up the pieces
From things started in old life
But they mostly show confusion
From before ‘third culture life’.

Once one’s left the old creation
Felt intensity anew
All is open as an option
Then the question – what to do?

I know others feel no reason
To have focus so intense
But I feel each precious moment
Crave a world that’s so immense.

So I pause to take this moment
Twix beyond and yesterday
Seeking guidance for my footsteps
How to best use this today.

Length of days for each are numbered
But we do not know the sum
Till we one day find we’ve finished
Three-act plays – or two – or one.

Some like me, receive an encore –
Get reprieve, find new release
What to sing and dance for others
E’re the curtain calls full cease.

This I’m certain with agenda --
Changed approach we now shall see
As the things I’ve learned throughout this
Have become now a part of me.

Maybe that’s what makes me nervous
As I face this life ahead –
Living life as this new person
How much of the old one's dead?

So I wonder if this person,
In myself or when with you,
Is more focused and intense 'cause
Diamond-like through pressure grew.