The  ‘ology’ of “Med’sun”

I used to think that evil was a person
Or at least the things that evil persons do
But today I’ve come to see a faceless evil
That can wreck the lives and loves of me and you.

I sat and stared in blank incomprehension
As he explained it all away quite pat
Then revealed himself in glorious consecration
To ideals sublime, but then he hocked and spat.

The faceless evil of an institution
Transcends the people sitting in the chairs
It’s embodied in the fabric of its culture
And pervades the formal structure of its layers.

New people enter ranks as eager soldiers
Or officers who lead and call the shots
Quite unaware of spirits souls and psyches
Being programmed up as a blindly loyal sots.

It’s done with pay and perks and micro-status
Dispensed within the silo’s walls of stone
But the best reward for service to an outfit
Is the ‘voice’ bestowed, with power to get things done.

If complaints arise within the social structures
And a ‘voice’ to make a change is full denied
Then the only other option is to ‘exit’
And to take the competition to one’s side.

It used to be in family ‘voice’ was option
With ‘exit’ rarely used and deeply scorned
While the opposite was true for all in business
But with social change such loyalty is mourned.

With each new social change comes end of title
To every place and privilege involved
But the business-family switch we made has left us
Without ways to stop the channeled evil powers.

So as power vacuums open up among us
And our way-of-life agreements shift and change
We see faceless evil forces swirl around us
Enticing power and status' increased range.

From Shaman-days the practice here of “med’sun”
As that from ancient times far overseas
Was ambivalently held by groups of people
To control the faceless evil within each.

With a shift now set in place to social “med’sun”
Though some still prefer to use the business way
Faceless evil runs quite free to tempt the people –
Twist the protocols and orders of the day.

When closed are doors to ‘exit’ for the patients
And the people’s ‘voice’ is shut down by the Docs
The stage is set for bitter insurrection
Thus old faceless evil wins it by a walk.