Barack Obama

The Yankees put Obama in
This week as president
Some viewed him as incarnate bad
While others heaven sent.

He tried to rally troops with speech
‘Rebuild our country now’
With vision clear a path to steer
His problem’s in the ‘how’.

When we were kids a book came out
Entitled ‘Black Like Me’
A white disguised as black found out
How black a life could be.

The author paid his price for fact
With cancer caused by chems
Barack stands on his shoulders now
And we see through his lens.

Barack and others round him
Do not account one thing
That children of expatriates
A world perspective bring.

He thinks that walls of hate come down
As they did in his being
But he forgets that cultures mixed
Impact on children’s seeing.

‘Third culture Kids’ – the children from
Expatriate parents’ homes
Are bonded with a culture mix
Of home and host alone.

Those kids grow up with views unique
To their peculiar mix
While less inclined to stand behind
A more parochial pick.

He’s right, the New World is made up
Of folks from far and near
These nations of expatriates
Third culture kids they rear.

Third culture Kids are bridges
Wherever cultures meld
Perhaps Barach can lead us where
Entrenched resisters are.

But one tool that dissolves our hate
Lets sister walk with brother
Is when the love of God returns
As center for all other.