The Encourager

I love the Lord – He built me interactive,
Insisted then I step up to the plate
Address each ball whatever type is pitched me,
My mind engaged to watch if soon or late.

I was not built to see or read the pitcher
The way my youngest son can do
Nor feel fast-joining bond with strangers
Then stand by them through thick and thin – like glue.

I was not built to strategize a game plan
Protected crouching there behind the plate
All-seeing, vigilant and watchful
Then like the eldest, signs and wonders make.

Nor I the ref between the teams of players
To keep the rules and conduct straight and fair
My wife does that – we defer to her judgment
Though laugh I must – we make a crazy pair.

When bats are up, I like to play the left field,
It’s quiet there, with room to move around,
Requiring power and speed of interaction
To judge high flyers -- bouncers low to ground.

When things slow down I see that others wander
In mind -- keen interest in new flowers.
For me, I boost the lagging spirits --
Help others gain new heights with higher powers.