Whence comes this deep’ning sadness that grays out my life of color?
Some light-attracting star in me draws down all trace of power.
My range of music narrows to the low notes on the string
Will highs subdue forever – shutting down desire to sing?

I know that once the party’s done, the Christmas tree must go,
The furniture then shifts around to fill the gaping hole
As balance to the room returns where once had been a tree
While such work goes on in my soul, there’s not much energy.

But in my heart I also know farewells I’ve never liked
With friends and jobs and neighborhoods throughout my course of life
Good-buy’s ring false, a short-term view of life at best for me
Things don’t just end; they roll towards a next we just can’t see.

Without a view of life beyond this one we have right now
For those who leave or those who stay it’s hard to see just how
I’d cope with loss both real and feared or ever face the strife
For loss replaces gains we make the early half of life.

So what’s the use of gain at all if all we stand to lose --
Possessions only transient things we seek to chase and choose?
As I stand back I see their role to organizing power
Not cause, effect – a long-term view in life’s celestial hour.

For me all things collect and cluster round a power core –
Of visions, hopes and certitude, of spirit’s quest for more –
Not more possessions, friends, and jobs, experience, neighbors, clan,
But dreams that make a fuller life than what now lies at hand.

So as beneath a card a magnet passes time of day
For children iron filings rise – take form along its ray
The magnet gone all things drop back from shapes they did not choose
I see that what is left behind is there for other’s use.

So what’s being lost are not the things like filings on the sheet
But power to make things jump, then let them fall beneath my feet
The things of childhood, youth, midlife, have long since passed away
As focus of my interest – gone, like light of passing day.

I sees twin children float nine months of life within a sack
Preparing to move onward to a life of greater lack
A richer life they cannot know, and certainly can’t see
Our vibrant life together, which soon ends for you and me.

One twin goes first, the second stays, left lonely for the loss
The first one starts a life of power and choice – resource and cost
We did not know what challenges this life on earth would bring
Will dreams sufficient for next tasks be found for every-thing?