Derby Fanfare

‘I am going out to gamble my savings away
And all of her savings as well --
The economy’s named after Judas they say
A concoction that comes straight from hell.

‘Start business, or franchise, play poker or slots,
VLT’s, Bingo Parlors with you,
Lose my funds at casinos, investing in stocks,
What the heck, here is looking at you.

‘Picking horses, future options, hedge investments or mines,
Play the numbers, a crap games or two,
Spin the wheel for a fortune or just a few dimes,
Bookie betting, or office sports pool.

‘Throughout life we see games are all stacked for the house
Only choices are family and genes
For the rest, they give 'hope in small packets' like these,
As they lure the last dime from our Jeans.’