Our Day

When the tests are all finished, results not yet in –
A moment of silence, like absence of sin –
When the eye of the storm passes over our heads
The shot from the barrel, ere victim is dead.

Like votes when all in and the counting progresses
A power-point moment when striving regresses
Like armistice dawn, a silence of action
Or moments till impact with ceasing of passion.

Brief seconds as weightless make astronauts ready
To shift to a life where earth’s pull is not steady
I wonder right now in this stillness so eerie
If this is like heaven – that rest for the weary.

Commitment takes up such a portion of time
We try to solicit to courses sublime
Then after commitment’s dismissal of sages
The gear change is made – transmission engages.

A point with no striving or bitter contention
For now it’s too late, yet too early to mention
The flurry of action which soon will ensue
I’ve given my love – thrown my lot in with you.

In taking of photos it’s peak of the action
A basketball sprung at the end of retraction
Ephemeral moments enchant us to stay
Committed to summits engaged all the way.

I’m not all that easy now wait-less arrives
Conflusion of truth and expected surprise
But one thing I’m sure of – that weightless our day
Of kisses from heaven, ere earth has its sway