Why me?
     Walk free?
          Couldn’t be –
               Let me see –
                    Why not we?

What then of impact on one’s soul
     Of healing miracle’s lifely blow –
          Do this the healed look back and say
               Before they walk their quickened way
                    Or feel rejected from their past
                         And those who walked with them in blast
                               While mainline folks best wishes showed
                                    But soon just didn’t want to know.

Joy as redeemed which first rose up
     Soon sours within this victor’s cup
         The cost of my new freedom, see,
               Is rifts restored twix thee and me,
                    It’s like the fact of rift is given
                         For all who live beneath the heaven
                              One boundary line here for a season
                                    Is quick replaced complete with reason
                                        We have to have our little groups
                                             With whom to sup our table’s soup.

“A gift from God” says Bible’s fable
     To keep from trashing earth so able
          Rejecting others from our cup
               Buys us some time to smarten up.

When we seem center of all life
     We foment trouble war and strife
          A quest for power and resource steady
               To be like God – able and ready
                    To be proactive and respond
                          So as to wave a magic wand.

But unlike God we have low power
     And lack resource to meet the hour
          Of need that all around us lives
               Six billion now beneath the skies
                   So we suck up such power and goods
                        As parasites bore into woods
                             ‘Survive and thrive’ their motto being
                                   Soon strip and kill the forest clean.

Before the author’s Babel story
     Comes tale of man and women’ s glory
          Rejecting God as source of power
               And resource full to meet each hour
                    Of need within without in life
                          They chose an apple – and this strife.

Solution’s there – it’s plain to see
     God as resource for you and me
          But we would rather godhead play
               Despite the cost for all this day
                    With flow restored from God through us
                          Our striving to obtain through fuss
                                Dissolves and leaves us free to be
                                     Not “you and I” or “them” but “we”.