A Bullet Dodged

My dad would say when he’d been ill
     ‘a touch of flu though not my will – I’ll take
           In stride, adjust my pace, and for the rest
               Ask Heaven’s grace’.

When colon cancer raised its head, and threatened
     Me to soon be dead, I’d seen it as a
          Speed bump near, rejecting it as new
              Career – but twists and turns, events
                  And whack then called attention to my
                       Track through tricky traffic on
                             Life’s path, till now –
                                  Things settle down at last.

“A touch of cancer’s all I’ve had", and from my
     View of journey sad, I got off lucky – not
          Like dad, whose fate was sealed when
               Late they found his colon cancer –
                    It had spread, so “four short
                         Months was all” they said –
                              And each our lives with
                                    Change abrupt made course-adjustments but his luck
                                         Though bad for him – good in me seen
                                              Through early capture in the screen.

My journey’s struggle with that fate was locused in
     A small mistake – which snowballed
          On towards a doom that grew in size –
                Horizon loomed – that bullet headed straight
                     For me flew swiftly by – to my
                          Relief – but choices made by
                              Me and them, raise now
                                   For both of us, ‘Ahem’.

For you and I, of course, my dear, our lifestyle
     Choices brought us here – for them I hope they
          Change their ways that others do not end
               Their days with needless death or
                    Troublous life, as games
                         Are played amidst the
                              Strife. Mistakes, admitted,
                                   Owned, attacked, are
                                        Soon corrected – back on track. Early
                                             Detection’s grace has been, the bullet’s name –
                                                  “mistake unseen”.

Perfection’s not a worthy stance, far better “backup’s
     Second chance”. Perfection’s star gives us
          Direction, amidst the swirl
               Of imperfection, but when we there
                    Our house create, we set ourselves
                         Up for a fate that dooms
                              Us to a crises sore
                                    Like that of mine – and
                                         Many more.

Come on, you doctors, knock it off, admit you’re
     Human, we’ll not scoff, or chide or
          Reprimand the errors made us by
               Your hand, if you will come and
                    Walk with us, and understand
                          In stressed-out fuss –
                               We really do appreciate
                                    Your efforts for us soon –
                                         Or late.