Spring Breakup

I heard her laugh at him today
It’s over on her part
For laughing gives the distance
That protects a broken heart.

I’d seen it many times before
From women he had known
And wondered if contempt had come
From seedlings he had grown.

In spring the northern ice gives way
Quite sudden, by some means --
The weeks of scorching heat have made
Those upright treacherous seems.

The seasons of our lives make way
For others as times pass
But some stand firm behind us now
Throughout the stormy blast.

So what is love, the steady kind,
Which strength our weakness takes
Is it just found there of the ground
Or something patience makes?

She’s stood beside me all these years
I can’t see really why
She’s laughed a lot, though less these days
As I prepare to die.

It’s strange for me as I move on
But hope before we part
My love can somehow make amends
And heal her broken heart.