Borderland Delight

I research from the inside –
     Both because I must and can –
          And doing so helps me to keep
               My mind off adjunct pain –
                    Who knows, maybe a day will come
                         When insights I pick up
                             Might prove of help to someone
                                   Rising up to acts from luck.

I’m neither 'ask' nor 'tell' – I ask to tell – for if I do
     Not ask I’d be the cat – and subsequently die the fool.
           But if I cannot tell then they remain in ditches deep
                Their empty lives not knowing
                     That it did not have to be.

It’s hard to stay objective
     When there’s fire in what’s said
          And the folks just living life are
               Dropping bricks upon your head.
                     I don’t set out to do research
                          But once things get derailed,
                               I flip into my research mode –
                                     To see just how I’m being assailed.

Crash-test-dummies research
     In a process much like mine
           For it’s not about the impact
                Of the wheel upon its spine
                      But participative data
                           Gathered by this messed-up seer
                                Which is transferred to a data pack
                                      That’s wired far to its rear.

In aberrant behavior I so often find the key
     Which opens up a culture’s code
           It’s central core to see
                 Making access clean and simple
                         So the stuck can be set free.
I work on the borderlands where subject’s views of life
     Impact objective truths and go to ground, at times with strife.
           I like to bridge such chasms with perspectives from my being
                Flowing light from one to other, showing what the other's seeing.
                     But when forced to choose by pressure – I'll do research – in my style,
                           Leaving data there for others – making crash-tests all worthwhile.