Journey’s End – A new Beginning

When end loomed large, horizons closed
Agendas slacked, essentials rose
I’d not considered what I’d do
If life just dropped the other shoe.

I keep going back to needless waste
From doc’s mistake with covering haste
Of double talk and straight denial
To one who flat rejected trial.

Perhaps a smack’s all they can grasp
As healthcare system’s failing fast
I look disgusted on their mess
If it weren’t mine, I could care less.

But it is mine, and yours and ours
How are controlled doc’s health-care powers
Not good enough to let things slide
Or wash mistakes out with the tide

We’ve got a mess, it’s no-one’s fault
But fix we must, for flavor salt –
The staff are good, machines are swell
But attitudes are straight from hell.

The problem is, I don’t know how
To make this journey’s lessons tell
Their story to correction’s end
Before it drives us round the bend.

The doctors all defensive seem
When they find selves in spotlight’s beam
They skirt away and claim fatigue
Which may be true – or else intrigue.

Whatever else that may be said
System’s reform is not now led
By those whose stakes are highest yet
With power as high as one can get

So if they won’t yet pick it up
Then maybe this is just the stuff
I need to pick up like life’s shoe
And throw it back to stir up you.