Note Regarding Masters Thesis


(Oct 05/2010)

There is an additional aspect to the concept in my thesis. What is there is accurate, it is just that there is another piece to add to it which puts the wheels under things a bit more...

As I said in my thesis, Andrew Murray pointed out that the meaning of Mk. 11:24 is obscured by bad translation...and actually means “whatever you come to believe while in prayer that you have received, ask for it and it will be to you” ie.

Where I had not understood was I thought that the asking was vertical (ask God), when in fact the asking is horizontal (ask people).

In a sense our asking is vertical in that we have to “accept delivery of it”/get our attitudes straightened out about receiving any gift (the aspect I picked upon in my thesis)...especially if what we come to believe we have received is not a particularly attractive thing (like the “higher gifts” which the apostle Paul refers to...which most sane people don’t exactly “covet”...grin)...and we do get a bit circumspect about asking God for stuff we don’t really want because we just might get it.

This shift in asking from the vertical to the horizontal explains Yonge Cho’s audacity in building his church and securing secular permission etc to build...(and other similar anecdotes)...because this is exactly the attitude and approach he used in life...

All of which brings to mind that God’s way of delivery is not always the obvious one.

There is a popular theory floating around which says “think about what you want to receive and it will be attracted to you and you will have it”. Now I understand my unease with leaves out the vertical dimension...understandably as it is a secular philosophy.

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