“Raise Up A Child” (Matt.5:14-16;19:14; Prov.22:6) [Sun Tsu series B – 5:1 – General] [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Matt 10 sub-series]

City on a hilltop, candle in a room –
Both shine out for Jesus, drive away the gloom;
Status for the city, credit for the home –
Both are silly concepts anywhere you roam.

If you’re like a city, you cannot be hid;
If you’re like a candle, don’t put on a lid;
Different people honor those who cities are,
Than the folks who honor candles on a jar.

But there is a problem if one does not fit –
Growing up in families, others may resist –
“Don’t just be a candle; try to city be;
That’s a silly concept to the likes of me.

“Don’t swell to a city; light up this small room”
Is to me as silly – home becomes their tomb;
Know your candle-power, these, or in between;
Then shine out for Jesus, that way you will gleam.

Some things can’t be hidden, squelched, or covered up;
Other things are easy – both are out of luck –
If you’re big on hilltops, many lights there are;
If you’re in a homestead, you’re the one, by Gar.

Both require a lifetime learning how to live,
How to shine for Jesus, how to blessings give;
Happy is the person who fulfills a role
Suited to his stature, reaching for her goal.

“I can never make it”, rings the saddest tale;
“Never quite enough, then”, evil-one prevails;
“Let the children come, then, let them live in Me;
I in them forever – lights the world can see.

Lord, thanks for Your message, invite to be me;
Thanks for tiny candles, we at home can be;
Thanks for mighty cities, set upon some hill;
Thanks that many people light our world up still.

Thanks Lord for this.