“Win First Then Fight” ( ) [Sun Tsu First Half Re-Write #4:9]

That film in which the player saw
He’d won, but competition raw
Kept his opponent in the game –
To lose, would mean absorb that shame –

Heaped on his shoulders by his mom;
For chess, to them, was not just fun,
But means of showing something more
With victory – which was the score.

Sun Tsu was right – see victory,
Or road to it, and what must be
In place to crush opponents force –
Before you act – avoid remorse.

So too with Jesus at the cross –
He saw His win, how great the cost
To free humanity from sin
(Rebellion), Jubilee He’d win.

Then after that, it all played out;
Now He invites us, hereabouts,
To ’bide in Him, and He in us,
As He sets free our folks from fuss.

For at our micro-level too,
Christ waits to see what He might do
To liberate the trapped, and win
Their liberty from crushing sin.

We like to rush in, make the save,
But that’s the quick way to the grave;
As we abide in Christ, He guides
Our what and when – in Him abide –

As He can see where best to strike
With freeing words, each timed just right,
So Jubilee can come at last
To folks we know, those still entrapped.

Thanks Lord for this.