“No Medals For Easy Wins” (Mt.28:16-20;Jn.15;Rom.8;1Pet,5:8) [Sun Tsu First Half Re-Write #4:6 ]

Like pulling in a mighty ship
At dockside – knowing when to slip
The hawser forward with each swell,
Then bend it on a post – compel –

This ship to stay close to the dock;
Then with each swell the ship will rock,
The hawser slacken – slip again,
And soon it’s close to dock – no pain.

So too with warfare, Sun Tsu says –
Take easy road, the road which pays
With little struggle, little cost;
Forget the kudos from the boss.

For win is win, and “Easy” says
You have prevailed on conflict day;
Of course, such actions, good and bad,
Play out the same – for warfare’s sad.

Lord, what I hear is that’s Your way –
Watch for the weakness; seize the day;
Prepare Your people; keep them safe,
Lest evil-one quick victory take.

So stay on Kingdom-layer with You;
Don’t venture forth, and play the fool;
“Abide in Me, and I in you;
Move with the Spirit – I’m with you.”

Thanks Lord for this.