“Though Rooted In The Soil” ( ) [Sun Tsu First Half Re-Write #4:11]

It’s fascinating here to see
How odds are viewed (reflectively);
Strange mix, with solidness of soil,
And wispiness of perfumed oil.

Attempts to conjure up results –
Progressive factors shape the route
Upon some step below, but then
A jump is made – though such depends –

Upon the mixture of the two –
The physical (with shifts in view),
Along with spirit, mind and will –
The software side – here gets distilled.

Decision-making at the top
Then trickles down – where soldiers walk
Here on the ground – full circle, hence,
A mix of forward with defense.

Lord, it’s so different now for me –
It’s not my problem – now I see
My task, once boots are on the ground,
Is to obey directions sound.

And that is where the trust comes in –
Once Kingdom-layered life begins
To be more real, I leave to You
The choice of actions, from Your view.

For that’s enough – as it’s a stretch –
Each piece assigned exceeds the rest;
As faith grows stronger – baby steps
Seem difficult – we’re scared, and yet –

Results are always greater than
The estimates of mortal man;
As we let go our pride of place –
Ka-boom! transpires – result of grace.

Thanks Lord for this.