“Don't Beat The Sheep” ( ) [Sun Tsu First Half Re-Write #4:10]

When Jesus left His guys that day,
He said to Peter, three-fold way,
Hey, “Feed My sheep” – press on, My man,
Fulfill My dream as best you can.

He did not say to, “Beat My sheep”,
Though some today would seem to meet
That standard in their basic care;
Sun Tsu says, “No”, as well, right there.

For preps we need; and plans must be
Laid out quite well; then Christ must see
A weakness present to move on –
To rag-tag Army we belong.

Treat well each one, for He wants us
To measure up to standards tough –
In shape to be for body-life,
To realize each win in fight.

Our love and care both start at home,
Before we into battle roam;
Morale’s then high, as we descend
On trapped, and broken – lives to mend.

For as Christ wants to move into
Each target life, their pasts undo,
He needs to work through body parts,
That love be felt in human hearts.

Thanks Lord for this.