“ 'Till Opening Is Seen” ( ) [Sun Tsu First Half Re-Write #4:4]

An opening is often seen,
But fast-attack can often mean
Defeat, as strength is not enough
To conquer foe in battle tough.

Sometimes one must move quickly in,
While other times, if one would win,
One must maneuver into place
To take advantage in this case.

Until it’s all lined up to win,
One hunkers down – defense one’s in
Must be complete, obscured by mist,
’Till time arrives, Sun Tsu insists.

And that is what Christ Jesus does
On Kingdom-layer, here, up above
The swirling mess on earth below –
We hunker down until He knows –

What’s best to do to win some war;
Then He will move through open door,
Left open by the other side
He moves in fast – in Him abides –

A host of folks, responsive types,
To His commands, formations tight;
To show His loving care for all –
His winsome love, and freedom’s call.

To me it’s like “Capacitor” –
In electronic-flash, we store
Up energy to make one blast
Of light – it’s called the photo-flash.

If half a charge is all that’s there,
We must abide – like Jesus’ care –
Sufficient to each task at hand,
He waits, ’till love can flood His land.

Okay Lord thanks for this.