“It's Relative” ( ) [Sun Tsu First Half Re-Write #4:12]

Picture a scale for weighing sand –
One tiny grain dropped from one’s hand
Onto one side, then hundred-weight
Comes pounding down on other plate.

So calculations, then, reflect
The relative, not size; and yet,
A problem comes if we can’t see
The vastness of the enemy.

So many factors added up
Give Christ the numbers – quite enough
To form our ranks as motley crew,
With tasks assigned for each to do.

And then we venture out from there
To peopled earth from Kingdom-layer,
With cup of water, healing touch,
Which in themselves don’t seem like much –

But such can be as ton of sand,
Easing the hearts of hurting man
Or woman – when the Lord assigns,
He gets results He had in mind.

And so it goes with scope and scale –
Ramp-up in Christ, ’till He prevails
At scenes which we no longer view
As vast and complex – actions new –

Each ricochet from one to next;
We do our parts, and leave the rest;
Our sphere of action’s always small;
In Christ, they triumph over-all.

Thanks Lord for this.