“No Medals For Prevention” (Mt.5:9) [Sun Tsu First Half Re-Write #4:5]

To be a hero in folks’ eyes,
To be exalted to the skies,
Is nothing really – best prevent
The fight at all – what Jesus meant –

When He said to aspire to be
“Peacemaker”; so, that’s what we see
As we abide in Christ, and He
Abides within us – He will be –

Peacemaker when we cannot act
As He would wish; when it’s a fact
That task is far beyond us now –
We find Him acting there somehow.

They don’t give accolades for this,
For few will know how near the miss
Came to be seen, through action made
At Christ’s behest – through plans He laid.

Yet, Sun Tsu says that also here –
A common victory is clear,
But what’s uncommon for mankind.
Is quiet work Christ has in mind.

Such work is often done ahead
In quiet talks; in book that’s read;
In song, that’s sung at Eventide,
As simple folks in Christ abide.

Thanks Lord for this.