Just Watch And See” ( ) [Sun Tsu First Half Re-Write #4:8]

It’s not the clever or the brave
Who win the battle’s, armies save;
It’s those who watch for where it’s weak –
Observant-types, who victory seek.

His outfit is impeccable,
Well-ordered, and quite capable;
With no mistakes in form, or act,
He just seeks weakness for His tact.

His calculations all are made;
His preps are finished, plans are laid;
But once committed to His cause.
He stops to watch – it’s in the pause –

That victory or loss will come;
If there’s no weakness, He can’t run
Successful campaigns any day;
So wait Christ does, e’en so today.

So wait-time now is how it’s done;
Then, as Christ sees how there’s some fun
To be for all He can set free,
He gives the order – “Follow Me!”

Lord, be our patience in this life;
Help us abide, both day and night,
On Kingdom-layer, not descend
To “seize some day” – help us depend –

Upon Your guidance, rhema-words;
Help us discern what needs be heard;
And then respond in You in-deed –
Not sally forth on prancing steed.

For it is You, through us who wins
The victory, that lifts the sins
From those entrapped in world today,
That Jubilee might come their way.

Thanks Lord for this.