“What Kingdom Layer is For” (Jn.15; Ps.23) [Sun Tsu First Half Re-Write #4:2]

The Kingdom-layer, which we are on at last,
Protection is – here from the stormy blast,
That Christ can do in warfare of the age –
Keep each one safe ’till time He can engage.

It’s up to Christ to keep us safe in Him;
He cannot make a victory begin,
Because that’s up to satan, evil’s team,
To mess things up, in doing mean and mean.

And so Christ waits until mistake is made
By other side, then preps and plans He’s laid
Can move quite fast, to expedite Christ’s gift
Of love and life – His shining light in this.

For victory, or Jubilee’s ka-boom,
Is up to other side – they give Christ room –
Some little slip, some chink in armor bright,
Gives victory to Christ in coming fight.

Of course, the same is true for evil one –
He can defend from sortés that will come;
Protect his own; convince them “life here’s good”;
And hunker down ’till victory’s understood.

That’s up to us – we leave doors open wide,
For victory to go to other side;
So stay on Kingdom-layer; abide in Christ;
And He in us; let pinwheel’s pin suffice.

Thanks Lord for this.