“The Kingdom First” (Jn.11:54;Lk.6:17ff;1Pet.1:3) [Sun Tsu First Half Re-Write #4:1]

I see in Sun Tsu, there’s two parts
To moving in on human hearts
Caught up in satan’s prison cells
In need of Jubilee from hell –

First off, get up on Kingdom-layer,
Pin of the pinwheel, ease back there;
Like throttle back on private plane
Once altitude at last is gained.

Protection from attack is key –
Let go of world (and it of thee);
Sun Tsu said, “Vanish” like a cloud,
Where preparation-time’s allowed.

Then use your preparation-place
To soldier up – in Jesus’ case,
He’s King of Kingdom-layer for all,
Above incessant earthly squall.

Four – twelve – and seventy-two clicks in –
Apprenticeship in love begins;
Skill-training for the tasks ahead,
As we’ve in Scripture pages read.

And all the time we wait His word
To move in, do some task absurd,
Which He directs, which gives some room
For Holy Spirit’s big ka-boom!

So some trapped soul is now set free
In act of Royal Jubilee;
Christ’s body operating there
As we abide on Kingdom-layer.

First, don’t get taken out ourselves
As we’re prepared to act – which tells
Me there’s in place a royal plan –
A Kingdom-flow to earthly land.

For timing’s of the essence here,
And skills we need are made quite clear –
Specific to each soldier-boy
Or girl, each trained ’till “Ship’s ahoy!”

Lord, this sounds great, as You prepare
Each one of us to show Your care;
Ahead in time, we cannot see –
Both safe and trained we need to be.

Thanks Lord for this.