“Attack Or Defence” (Mt.3:31-36; Matt.13) [Sun Tsu First Half Re-Write #4:3 ]

So we can see, but we cannot create
A victory – so hunker down and wait;
Don’t let him see some chink in armor yours –
That is your task, lest deluge on you, pour.

Then, once Christ sees a way to win a fight,
Pour in some love, some winsome shaft of light,
He then can win some skirmish, battle, war;
He can’t create a win ’till open door –

Is seen by Him – perhaps a tiny act,
Performed in time, plants seed as unseen tact;
He lets it grow in good soil’s garden bed;
Does other acts while this takes place, instead –

Of moving in with final act of love,
Which overwhelms defensive push and shove,
To set one free, in liberating act –
Some sunny day, in Jubilee’s attack.

For Christ can see what needs be done, and when,
By whom, in ways which might appear – and then
Melt like the mist at rising of the sun;
It’s then we’re called as body of the Son.

Until that time, we hunker down and wait;
When time is right, we need not hesitate
To be His fool – some prank He bids us do
To give the Spirit room to act – for you –

And I are body parts, celestial team;
Christ is the head, reveals what to us seems
A crazy stunt, audaciously performed –
Some caring act, away beyond the norm.

Lord, that’s so cool, I relish such a thought –
Of victory unfolding as it ought,
At Your behest, based on what You have seen;
Decisive actions taken – what that means.

And in the meantime, safe, on Kingdom-layer,
We learn of You, as soldiers You prepare,
To move in fast once opening is seen
In Satan’s ways of life, so mean and mean.

Thanks Lord for this.