entonsisIs The Pivot Point” (Matt.4:17) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Matt.10 sub-series - ] [Pandemic Series]

entonces is a “Pivot point” in Spanish tongue today –
It just means “Then” but has a place in many things they say;
We could refer to it as being “Pivot point” in thought
For “Up to then”, or “After then”, puts central point in talk.

It’s used to indicate a change, a moment in our lives;
Is used to show when we were changed in things for which we strived;
It’s used to stand like old St. Paul’s amidst destruction’s blitz.
When all alone that church remained, as bombs that place had missed.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London town, gave hope, as point of fact
That Britts, from then, would live once more, despite those fierce attacks;
That was a pivot-point for them, fresh courage they took up;
Just like Last Supper Jesus had when He shared bread and cup.

That was entonces for those folks who’d walked with Him ’till then.
Like old St. Paul’s it still remained, in it they’d heard again
The words and actions of that night, amidst destruction’s blitz,
And Easter triumph three days on, when nothing could resist –

Christ’s triumph o’er grave, the stone, locked doors, despair, and fear –
“Come on, you guys, let’s buckle up, entonses time is here;
This weekend marks the pivot point where all that’s gone before,
Breaks out to bless the world forthwith – entonces – there’s far more”.

“So where’s entonces in your life – ahead, or far behind?
Has life moved on from pivot point to your life as in mine?
Or are you still a shattered wreck, no hope amidst life’s ruins?
Are you still open to great things – entonces coming soon?”

That’s what Christ preached back in his day, as he commenced his task –
“desde entonces”, Spanish words, declared new hope at last;
“From then on” is what that term means, from then Christ preached Good News –
“The Kingdom of our God is here” – His words, indeed, “good news”.

He said, con-vi-er-tan-se, friends, turn ’round – your pivot point
Is here today, so dance with joy, your heads with oil at anoint –
It’s party time; your lives have changed; the Kingdom of our God
Is here for all to climb up on, like layer above the sod –

“A layer of ice up on a pond to skate to without the blocks
To forward movement in your life, look down at sea-bed’s rocks;
Or, if you like the pinwheel pix, of Kingdom-life, with pin
As quiet point, find rest in that, set free from whirling fins.

“It matters not what view you take of Kingdom-life – it’s here!
entonces is your pivot point in life, as I’ve made clear;
No more must you face barriers and blocks to life ahead,
Desde entonces, from that point, pay heed to what I’ve said.”

Lord, that’s so helpful to us all – pandemic’s awful toll
Still rages ’round, unseen to us, destroying body, soul;
As we rebuild up from the dust and smoke of blitz’s harm,
Thanks for entonces, pivot points, which come amidst alarms.

Thanks Lord for this.