“Laying The Foundation” (Matthew 3:13ff) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible series –Matt.10 sub-series ]

Huge difference, that, O Lord, my God –
“Go back to first, there on your sod,
And lay foundation up to “Four”
The ‘Twelve’ will come, with so much more.”

Lord, that’s much better – “Start at Twelve”
Now “Book-ends” section where we delve
To “Fill the gaps” in scattered life
Of faith today – let’s do it right –

That is, “Discipleship” is first,
The “Four” engaged to quench our thirst;
Then later, we will mentor those
You give to us – and so it goes.

Lord, starting at the start of “Twelve”
Encapsulates, still on the shelf,
What must be done – foundation fixed
(Before we build the rest of it).

Without that, I impatient was –
“Pacing” unknown to me because
I could not see the “Graded” scope
Of larger scene – this gives me hope –

That, there’ll be more, next stage along;
But here’s enough, I can’t go wrong
With too much on my platter now;
I see the task which You allow.

And yet, that “Twelve” material
Is always there, though quite surreal;
For I’m not “There” – can read of it,
But base, now laid’s where it will sit.

So I see now that “Quality”
Must watchword be, that I might see
A firm foundation laid this day,
And subsequent – for later way.

Thanks Lord for this.