“Your Attitude On Entry” (Matt.10:13) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Matthew 10 sub-series] [Pandemic series]

The challenge comes just up the road
As years progress and we grow old –
“Let peace you have reach to that place”;
Watch attitude, here, in this case.

I heard one guy who knew of this –
Saw “Grumpy” as his thing to fix
If he would have reception there
From kith and kin, so ways repaired.

He studied up, “How to be guest
In homes of folks he loved the best;
Made list of things best not to do
Found jokes to share with those he knew.

He planned his work and worked his plan –
“Alzheimer’s takes its toll, but can
Be mitigated bit by bit
If we will put our minds to it”.

So here, Christ says, “When you go in
A home or town, let peace begin
Encounter you have in your stay –
Let peace reach out to pave the way”.

The word, llegue means reach up to,
A task, which peace fulfills for you –
Like joy some have which fills the room
On entering, displacing bloom.

To me, peace came with Kingdom-layer –
Not perfect, but much better there
For me, as place for me to live –
Pin of the pinwheel, peace it gives.

’Till then I fretted, churned in my way
Through life, I sweated day by day
How this or that would all work out;
Skate Kingdom-layer’s what it’s about.

It gave me place to be, and grow;
A place of peace where I could know
I would be safe despite all things
Known and unknown, which future brings.

What of pandemic’s nasty ways?
It gives a place to spend my days
With lots to do, freed from the fears
Which swirl around midst losses’ tears.

“Let peace you have reach to that place”
Instructs my ways here, in this case;
“First get yourself off of your hands”,
One author wrote – he understands”.

For peace comes first within your heart
“Fruit of the Spirit” – where to start;
Then, once in place, it’s reaches to
The place you go – “God’s peace with you”.

Thanks Lord for this.