“Exciting Times” (Matt.10:1-7) [Jerusalem Bible Spanish – Apostolic Ministry Series sub series - Stage 12 #3]

What was the message they would preach
As on that mission they would reach
Out to “Sheep-losses” all around?
“Kingdom of heav’n” – a thought profound.

Lord, now I’m seeing content “four”
Nine chapters up to this point – more
In others of three gospel tomes
Which You had taught them while at home.

This “Kingdom message” they would preach
Was Jewish thought which scribes would teach,
As well as Pharisees, and Priests,
And Essenes – anyone who’d teach.

Excitement rises in my breast
At the thought of what was coming next –
A concept and a way of life
Long sought – emerging into light.

Of course not Gentiles – “What’s that boys?”
Samaritans? – “That’s so much noise”
But here – disgruntled of the flock
Wish hear good news as these guys talked.

They’d be aware of content-space;
They’d likely hope ’twould be the case
That here at last the Kingdom-life
Was close at hand – now in plain sight.

“That the mourned in lowly exile, here
The Christian song, it now appears
Refers to what we also feel –
Our current church holds low appeal.

“We liked the Book”, Chief Dan George quipped,
“Not folks who brought it (seems they missed
The part about the Kingdom-life,
And living there – not bringing strife)”.

So this makes sense – in other ways
For me as well – Ezekiel says
A line turned into “Rhema-word”
Back on the res, I one time heard –

“Stu, do not go outside your group –
I brought you here, out of the loop
To learn, not teach – sit at their feet,
And learn from Me – they know a heap.”

Surprised I was to see it here –
Where You, O Lord, made this point clear
To Your Apostles – starting out,
Their learning-space was there-about.

But not forever and a day –
The point was soon You’d send away
Your twelve, as well, Your seven-two,
To places far and wide for You.

Lord, now I hear in this a plan –
How You still teach here in this land,
Then send some over culture’s walls
Into some foreign strangers’ halls.

And that, perhaps speaks to my soul –
That up the road, part of Your goal
Includes some crossing boundary walls –
Still to be seen, though role to be small.

For teasing out to this missing piece
Is task I’m on (now in my reach) –
That Kingdom-life is near, indeed,
For one and all – for current need.

Lord, thanks for this auspicious start
To road I’m on, to do my part
In You, as Your last task gets done
By us as well – in You – as “Son”.

Thanks Lord for this.