“Sheep Losses” (Matthew 10:5-7) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible [Apostolic Ministry Series - Stage 12 #4] [Pandemic Series]

durjanse (is direct yourselves), not, “here’s your target, boys”;
Some guidance (geographic) given to twelve He then deploys;
But implication Spanish gives, is self-directed tone –
“Direct yourselves more this way when you head out on your own”.

And where would focus be for them back at the start of “Twelve”?
Like leak in engine we might have which oil on driveway tells
Us of its presence, “oil losses”, puddles here and there –
“Sheep losses” Jesus comments on, as objects of their care.

Sheepfold had breaches it would seem, as a synagogues lost folks,
Just like our churches nowadays – so sad it’s not a joke;
“Revolving door” one lady quipped about her Baptist church –
Sure, lots come in, then walk straight out, no chance this place will burst.

“Direct attention, mas bien” (that’s rather in our tongue),
“Towards “sheep losses we have now – the pot a leak has sprung;
Why bring more in from foreign lands when there’s a gaping hole?
Look to sheep-losses on this trip – a quite sufficient goal.”

Christ sent them out, Matthew recounts, despuis (that’s after) this;
Set of instructions were all given, on which He would insist
They follow at their training’s start (four, twelve, then seven-two);
We disregard His guidance given in work we try to do.

It’s not our churches have no leaks, the losses are quite clear;
But what are we attending to? Sheep-losses? Not, I fear;
Like, visit folks, that’s seek them out; shut up, and listen close;
And maybe they will tell you straight what every person knows.

No single sheep out on the hills will have a picture clear,
But each can tell a story ’bout “What brought me out to here”,
Together form a picture – not conjectured to buy the safe
Within the Christian fold today, not yet at any rate.

Lord, that’s so thought-provoking in our present day and age –
Now old, infirm, pandemic hits, we’ll have to turn a page;
For they’re the ones who fund the bulk of churches’ enterprise;
Will young come back with virus gone? Of that I’d be surprised.

So maybe now’s the time to read of Jesus sending Twelve
That’s not a lot, but ’nough I hunch to into problem delve;
“Direct yourselves” (that’s priorize), “sheep-losses as your task
And contact those you’ve run into, and focus-question ask.

When twelve return with answers given, sit to back and think a spell –
Now situation’s shifted due to corona virus hell –
Can we find ways to “Gird the loins” of minds God’s given to us?
That is, could we stop leaks in church without a lot of fuss?

I doubt it’s rocket science, boys and girls, but what the heck,
Let’s use pandemic as a chance for God to come and bless
Our efforts with a plugged-up leak, or two, if more than one,
So life post-virus is improved for all before we’re done.

Thanks Lord for this.