“So, Buddy, Did You Make The cut?” (Matt.10:1-15; 1 Cor.15:24-28) [Apostolic Ministry Series - Stage 12 #1] (Matthew 10:1-15; 1 Corinthians 15:24-28) [apostolic ministry series – #1]

So, Buddy, did your name get called
To be next stage? Are you appalled
To be thrust into such a role
By Christ, that He might reach His goal?

You know – that end-times picture, Paul
Spells out in letter for us all,
Of mystery of God’s great plan –
Your part in it, across the land.

Not everyone gets chosen, see;
Though lots are called – “Apostle be” –
For into training you then go,
Instructed as Matt tells us so.

But first ask self, “Am I prepared
To enter in?” – perhaps you’re scared
To step into the larger “Twelve”;
To be discipled there – not shelved –

As you have been these long years since
Lord Jesus came and mentioned, “prince
Of world no longer rules your life;
Come follow me – the time is right!”

For if you’re back at level “Four”,
Discipling that you learn more
Until your soul-soil’s all cleaned up,
Seed’s planted once Christ says, “Enough!” –

You may still have a way to go
Before this stage has your name, so –
Best ask yourself, “Is my name there?
For this am I now quite prepared?

“Prepared to start, not “Graduate”
From level Twelve (when Christ will take
You out to move along in task
To next stage – “Seven-two”, when asked).

Lord, in this passage I now hear,
“Stu, here you are – let’s make this clear –
You’re starting Twelve-stage, learning stage,
In mentoring you’ll soon engage”.

Like, “Stu, you must learn here as well;
You’re not exempt – then you can tell
Your mentees what’s in store for them
Once they’ve matured, so I can send –

“Them out – four, twelve, and seven-two –
So much to learn ’fore you can do
The work I send you out for now –
So buckle up – as I allow –

You to move up to this stage now
(At “Matthew 10”) – you’ve learned somehow
What’s needed as foundation-base
To cope with Twelve here in this place.

Lord, I’d not seen that – level Four
Has not a “Down-line” – there’s no more
Involved in our apprenticeship –
You mentor us in “Mission trips”.

It’s only now, at level “Twelve”,
You give us pairs, you think are swell
For us to have to practice on;
Right off the bat You send – we’re gone!

I’d been uneasy – where’s my “Pairs”
For level “Four” – for I’d compared
Myself to You, Lord, now I see,
You mentor all to go for Thee.

So, “Having gone” into the world,
“Disciple” folks, amidst the whirl;
If out of that You call us to
Cross boundaries ahead for You –

That’s all about some cultured-world,
Like Bruchko in his jungle swirl;
But that’s to let some gifts begin
Their ministries, to battles win.

So, here I am at chapter ten –
With name on list, to start – and then
If, as, and when, You give me two
To mentor, You will guide me through.

The “Farm-team-pool’s” the base of it –
It carries on – You see who’s fit
To shift into stage “Four” (my “Twelve”) –
“Apostleship’s now off the shelf”.

Thanks Lord for this.