“el pan de cada dia” (Proverbs 10:3) [Spanish Bible -Proverbs Series #10:3]

When we were kids the picture show
On Saturdays was where we’d go
To see the latest flick for us,
Like Western horsemen eating dust.

We’d get a ticket – “Admit One –
Can sit through twice, once it’s begun”;
Ten cents was all it cost back then –
Though sometimes turned away, like when –

The movie was just “Adult Fare”
(One time we went, but that was rare –
Mom had a fit – some gold-rush flick –
We paid our cash; received our chit).

But mostly they would say, “No way!
I’ll not give you your ‘Pass’ today”;
For ‘No admittance’, read their sign;
We had to step back from the line.

So too with Spanish, “pase” word –
No pass for you – that seems absurd –
As if the tickets won’t be sold
To hunger games, so we’d grow old.

God will not let the justo’s in –
No ticket – so no show begins;
(Medieval Games were much like that –
Fake jousting match; ate where we sat).

So, “No admittance” if you’re “Just”
Or “Righteous” (tickets aren’t for such);
So talk and wheedle all you wish;
No pass for you (“Find coin in fish”).

But notice how God changes mood
When evil’s greed turns up for food –
This one’s repulsed like an attack;
Rejected (transplant doesn’t match).

So what I hear, Lord, is that we
Will find in life, variety –
With “Unjust riches” in verse two
inútiles – they just won’t “do”.

But justicas quite active are –
They free from death; exceed by far
What we could ever hope or dream –
In that sense, are not what they seem.

So with two types of cash in hand,
We seek a ticket to some land;
With no permmite; passé? No!
You shall not into hunger go”.

la codica (that’s evil’s greed),
Arouses God, who motive reads –
He says, “Get out! Away from here!
You’re out of line – that much is clear!”

I get the words, not meaning here;
The scene that’s set, by no means clear;
Which says to me, “These Spanish blokes
See something here – time I awoke”.

Lord, what on earth plays out in this?
And how in Heaven’s name is Kiss
From Kingdom-layer to play out here,
Midst all these folks with ways unclear?

“Stu, it’s okay, just press on through;
Ask, ‘Where am I in work I do?’
These characters each play some role;
What would it take to make each whole ?

“And if you’re in that scene some way,
Perhaps you’ll see by light of day
What’s held out in the Hebrew tongue,
As here conveyed by Spanish one.

“Who knows, perhaps like saying there,
‘First bite is banquet’, that’s the fare
Of all these Proverbs in the text;
Relax; step back; verse four is next.

“And so it goes, let them play out;
You’ll be okay – in coming ’bout
Don’t sweat it – eat your food today
(For pan de cada dia pay).”

Okay Lord, thanks for this.