“Once You See It, Do It” (Proverbs 10:5) [Spanish Bible -Proverbs Series #10:5]

Both guys are prudent’s what I hear –
The one who sleeps, and one who clears
The field of crops while sun shines down;
But one takes action – that I found.

In Spanish same word’s used in this –
To harvest – that’s the point I missed,
For both are prudent – out in field –
One dozes off – his doom is sealed.

La cocecha – “en” speaks to me –
In harvesting – so now I see
You’re speaking plainly to me, Lord –
“In prudence, work – to sleep’s absurd.

“The point is not just prudent be,
But in such prudence action see;
Sleep in your bed when times are slack;
In prudence, that’s the time to act.

Thanks Lord for this.