la verdad (The Truth)” (Jn.14:6; 18:38; 1Pet.1:13) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Ephesians sub-series - # 6:10-18 verse 14 A]

A pilot taxied to the dock,
Unloaded plane, both worked and talked
About a sermon he had heard
Last week in church – a scene absurd –

He laughed, recounted baggy pants
Of circus clown, whose gate’s enhanced
As he “Girds up his loins”, that is,
He hitches pants of circus biz.

Of course, clown would not do that, for
Inside such bagginess is more
Of his deception’s many props,
To entertain the crowd he’s got.

“So too with us”, the pilot said,
“We’ve baggy pants, so folks are fed
Deception’s tools, hid in those folds –
Behind deception we’re so bold.

“So gird your loins – hitch up your pants;
Remove the folds; let truth enhance
Your daily walk; meet enemy –
Don’t trip on folds meant to deceive.”

So too with Paul in his next line –
Ceñida (tight) centura – time
To tighten up your belt with truth
As you start down Christ’s training route.

Lord, this is what I found as well,
As I worked through Sun Tsu – you’d tell
Me how the world he spoke into
Was twisted – baggy pants, untruth.

For Sun Tzu says quite clearly there,
Deception is how you prepare
To beat some foe, some enemy
(though true to self, you first must be).

It’s after truth’s now-tightened belt
Comes “Righteousness” – lived truth that tells
The tale of better Kingdom-life –
At peace above the swirl and strife.

Lord, thanks for this auspicious start
To training days, ’fore I embark
On what it is You have in store
For me – I sense there’s so much more.

Thanks Lord for this.