“The Old Road” [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Ephesians sub-series - # 6:10-18 @6:17]

Where I once was, and would be now, I fear,
Is not at all a good place – that’s quite clear –
I was pulled out, and introduced one day
To Spirit’s presence – that has changed my way.

I know of others, each in their own way
Who claim that touch of God, “Salvation’s day”;
Now, looking back, such people say as much –
“I’ve been set free, encountered God’s own touch”.

For me, it was a simple presence – “Hi”;
And “Hi” returned, beneath that a sunny sky;
Out at the Lake; sent off to settle down –
Psalm 23, moss, rocks, birch trees around –

That sandy cove, so calm, no breath of wind;
A calm descended, feeling deep within –
The presence of an “Other” who brought calm –
No longer words, but Spirit through that Psalm.

The years went by, the friendship deepened more;
It guided me to roads, past open doors
Not good for me – met lots of other folks
On journey too, who shared their journey’s jokes.

For it’s been fun; it’s carried freight for me;
Helped me along, most times I could not see
My way ahead, impatient to take hold;
God wisely said, “No way – do as you’re told.”

Time and again, pulled from behind some lines;
Set on the rock when cast in stormy brine;
Narrow escapes, rebukes, corrections – hope
Poured into me, as through dark nights I groped.

This line of text? It’s ’bout our history –
He’s seen me through – my way I could not see;
Salvation’s one small moment at the first,
Then constantly – now Kingdom-layer has burst –

Upon my consciousness – fresh every day;
Freed up to grow – mature in every way;
No way I’m perfect – just held perfectly
By You, my Lord, freed up to perfect to be –

Not all at once, but daily, bit by bit;
Not all alone, with others, growing fit –
Into Your body, Christ, and then on to
That great adventure – “This and that” for You.

“So put that on” – “take up salvation’s hat”,
Paul counsels them, I would agree with that,
For, yes indeed! Our head’s protected there –
“Salvation” (word), like Psalm, speaks “Presence”, “Care”.

Thanks Lord for this.