“A Man On A Mission” [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Ephesians sub-series - @ 6:20]

Re-frame your situation, chum,
Though chained in jail, there on your bum
Like Redvers situation there,
It’s years for this you’ve been prepared.

So best define it as re-newed;
For starters, take the point of view
That Jesus takes from Kingdom-layer
(That’s purpose of “Persistent prayer”).

Like, what’s this really all about?
Your presence here – is there some doubt
About how you arrived here, with
Your tail between your legs, and miffed?

Or should you, rather, elsewhere be?
Are angels watching over thee?
Or are you out there on your own,
Adventuring quite far from home?

Well, here is Paul, who’s done just that –
“Ambassador to Rome” who sat
On jail-cell floor ’midst excrement –
He understood what all this meant.

Lord, as I hear this piece of text,
I’m thinking, “Armor – this piece next”;
For if we know what’s up in this
It helps keep focus, lest we miss –

Our chance to win the victory
In You – or, as with Paul we see,
Our chance to play “Ambassador” –
Take gospel to some Caesar’s door –

With civil servants in behind,
Their constant vigil borne in mind
As he prays through some Scripture tome,
Aware he’s no more going home.

Lord when I run that backwards now,
Start at the end-point, it allows
Me to pick up where Paul left off,
Then do the next part as I ought.

Thanks Lord for this.